That’s when I created the KRF Body Shaper which includes a nutrition plan and workouts to get you in tip-top shape. My LIVE classes range from strength to cardio, ABS, and more. Be ready to gain strength and confidence, connect with other women like you and leave every class feeling stronger and leaner.

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I’m a Full Time Mom to Two Boys under 9, a Wife and an Entrepreneur with 3 businesses. You may have recently seen me on the premier of Money Court.

After battling with my weight since my early teenage years and then having two cesareans plus I have genetic kidney disease (PKD), it was important to me to get fit and healthy with my body and mind.

I created Eat Your Way To Fit to help other Mom’s who are having weight challenges of their own. I have been making amazing strides in the C-Section Mom community, helping 100,000 of Moms to learn how to create healthy eating habits and to make working out part of their daily life.

All About My Program

Eat Your Way To Fit

I created a fitness program for all.  To get started, it’s best to choose one that’s right for you. The Eat Your Way To Fit LIVE is my best program. For $29.99 a month / $199 a year you will get my exact formula that got me fit in 6-months and many of my clients.  It includes a very detailed E-book with a nutrition guide and I will be coaching you via a group on Facebook.   NOW available on my website where I bring you brand new, daily LIVE workouts which you can play at ANY time.

This program offers you the most innovative way, to tone and lose weight by following my meal plan and workouts. The best program for busy Moms like me! It includes two meal plans to follow for active and none active days plus a food exchange list to help learn to eat healthy long term and stay committed to your new lifestyle.  Legit to commit not to Quit!  The next program is FitAfmom which is a similar version of EYWTF for $5.00 to get you started on your own.

Each day, I deliver brand new LIVE classes with modifications for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. The results of this daily commitment to working out are one of a kind, and by following my meal plan/food list, you will achieve your goals. You are what you eat and my specialty is knowing how to help you modify the foods you love and not feel like it’s another diet. With the Eat Your Way To Fit Facebook Group, now you can have access to all my knowledge and motivation from anywhere, at any time. The classes are Monday – Friday , recorded for you to replay anytime.

Equipment required: Measuring food tools. My resistance bands that will attach to your door, booty bands and dumbbells is a plus but not required when you have my bands. Plus my waist training products are a game changer when added to your fitness regimen. Check them out by clicking the button below.

Over 100,000 Women Are Getting Results With Eat Your Way To Fit Program

These are busy MOMS in their 30’s, 40’s, & 50’s – Just like you.

All the moms you see above, found my EAT YOUR WAY TO FIT program like you. They started with my FREE Workouts, and then joined Eat Your Way To Fit and transformed their body, health and mind.

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Challenge Yourself. Take It To The Next Level.

Challenge Yourself. Take It To The Next Level.


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