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Karina's Waist Trainer

Karina's Waist Trainer

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The Waist Trainer Benefits

1.  Improved Posture: Waist trainers support and encourage better posture, reducing back discomfort.
2. Instant Slimming: Achieve an hourglass figure instantly. 
3. Core Strengthening: Promote abdominal muscle engagement during workouts.
4. Enhanced Workouts: Wear during exercise for increased perspiration and targeted fat loss.
5. Confidence Boost: Feel more confident and put together in your clothes.
6. ⏳ Gradual Waist Reduction: Over time, some users report waistline reduction with consistent use.

Remember, waist trainers should be used sensibly and with a healthy lifestyle. 

The torso of the trainer is 11 inches long.   Please measure your waist for the best fit. It needs to zip up around your belly.

  • Back Brace for Lower Back Pain - Zipper front with velcro belt on top.  You can make it as tight as you want per your comfort.  Breathing is important.  This “waist trainer”  was designed NOT to be too tight, so you don’t have to worry about organs shifting. 
  • The waist trainer is made of 100% latex-free stretchy neoprene finest fabric, which means it is easy to clean, fits your body, and will not pinch or irritate your skin.
  •  4 REINFORCED ACRYLIC BONES – The waist trainer has four flexible bones and a practical lumbar back braces support. For sedentary office staff, it helps improve posture and release back pain. 
  •  Functional corsets- Waist Trainer smooths your post-baby tummy flab and loves handles, helping you look slimmer. Ideal for providing compression and support after pregnancy, postpartum recovery, or post abdominal surgery, cesarean, get your shape back faster, abdominal strains, and weakness, tummy trainer. 
  • I wear a size S, and I have a 26-inch waist.  I started with M. 

Sizes Available: Please measure your waist for the best fit.

  • Small – 24” to 27.7”
    Medium – 27.7” to 31.5”
    Large – 31.5” to 35.4.” -  will restock on 10/12
    X-Large – 35.4” to 39.4.”
  • XXL – “39.4 – 43.4”
  • 3XL- "43.5 - 47.5"  will restock on 10/12
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