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Body By Karina

Body By Karina

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Congrats on taking the first step to learning HOW to get fit.   This FREE E-book is the best starting point that you can do for yourself. It is jam-packed with a 28-day meal plan and a grocery list for each meal for each week. The workouts are on my YouTube channel. I go LIVE here at 11 am Eastern Monday - Friday unless something comes up in my life. There are over 900 workouts for you to start with. Hit play, and don't overthink it.

I coach FREE in this group here. 

  1. I go LIVE on TikTok at 7:30 am Monday through Friday, where I do cardio, and you can join me. My Tiktok name is Ka.rinarabinfit.
  2. I go LIVE on TikTok at 9 pm Eastern Monday - Thursday, where I coach and answer your questions while I walk on my treadmill. ( I hate to sit)
  3. I go LIVE on YouTube at 11 am Eastern with Strength Training Monday - Friday.
  4. Join my FREE Facebook community HERE
  5. Foot Tracking app where I coach HERE

All of this is FREE for you to start on your journey TODAY.  

Now, why is she doing this for free? Good question. There's a lot of info on Google for free. YouTube is free. If I can put a starting plan for you and see you succeed, that makes me happy. Join me on this journey from the privacy of your home/ life and we succeed together.

I offer group and 1:1 coaching where clients hire me for extra support with mindset, daily struggles, accountability in private, and more personalized plans. You can apply here for the next opening.

Based on each person, these plans take time to create, and having them available for some is only possible.   We are all different people. The starting plan is for you to START with and make you can customize for you! What works for you may not work for me, and vice versa.

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