Best Protein Bars

Karina's protein bars

Grab a box of the best protein bars and hit your nutrition goals on the move. I am currently obsessed with Salted Caramel

It's extremely important to get enough protein in your diet. It's important for many reasons and with the best protein bars you can top up your intake, even when life gets busy. These snacks are perfect when it comes to convenience and taste, helping you to meet your protein needs on the move.  I have two boys and sometimes I don't have time to stop and eat in my car.

Unlike the best protein powder, you can easily carry a protein bar around in your purse, gym bag or keep one in your car.  It contains 20g of protein, providing an ample amount of this nutrient for a perfect snack. 

You'll get two boxes with your order. You choose the flavors! Two of the same flavor or are you going to mix 'em up? Just one bite is all it takes to realize the Level-1 Bar is the best protein bar you’ve ever tried! No matter what your goal is - lose weight, gain muscle, or be healthier - eating protein consistently throughout your day is vital. With the low temperature baked Level-1 Bars, you now have the world’s highest quality, best tasting protein in the convenience of a bar that you can eat anywhere.  They are Gluten Free!


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