Help me pick a Sleep Waist Trainer

Help me pick a Sleep Waist Trainer

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Choosing the right size of the body shaper can be scary and uncomfortable. When you measure your waist in inches and compare it to your current clothing, it looks scary because the size of the shaper is bigger than that of your shirts.  Last thing you want to do is purchase something that makes you uncomfortable, but rest assured; my passion is to help you feel good and get the body goals you are trying to reach. 

I developed the Body Shaper with my and your mindset in mind. I wanted to feel good about myself fast; I didn't feel happy and hated looking in the mirror every morning.  

I understand your fears and let me help you better understand what to do. The body shaper runs a little tight and should not be compared to any of your current clothes in your closet. 

Please take a closer look at the size chart. Measure your waist with a fabric tape measure. Grab a shoelace from a sneaker if you don't have one. Click here for a video on how I measured without a tape. If you want to purchase a tape, click here.


When your measurement is IN BETWEEN TWO sizes? 

For example, let's say your waist is 32 inches, which falls under the Large. However, it is close to a Medium, and you feel more comfortable sizing down because you want to see results NOW.  

When the shaper arrives , it's too tight and now you're frustrated that you didn't make the right choice. BUT WAIT........

I include a fitness plan with every purchase. If the body shaper is too tight, you will be more motivated to follow the included fitness plan. The 4x6 card includes foods, portion sizes, seasoning I use, macros I follow, and includes my workouts. The 4x6 card has everything you need to start creating a healthier lifestyle.

Please expect some time to get more comfortable with the body shaper. It will be tight no matter what size you choose when it is brand new.

You can wear the shaper ANYTIME as long as you are comfortable. You can wear it all day and all night. If you are uncomfortable sleeping in it at first then wear it during the day until you get used to it and it stretches. 

It should NOT be very tight. Some people buy two sizes—one for sleeping and one for wearing during the day.

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