How to eat healthy and work out for moms

How to eat healthy and work out for moms

My Journey with Eat Your Way To Fit Nutrition and Workout Program

You might have decided to eat healthy and work out, however, unsure how to go forward. This is my progress with EAT YOUR WAY TO FIT NUTRITION AND WORKOUT PROGRAM.

In early April 2020, I started going LIVE with my workouts and eating healthy again. In August 2019 I gave up on bodybuilding competition. Getting out of the competition resulted in stopping to eat healthy and work out.

I gained some weight. I gained more during early Quarantine time. I stepped on the scale in early April and was shocked that I was losing my progress. I had been bodybuilding HARD at the gym for 10 months. That scale was my shift

So what I’m saying is about how to eat healthy and work out?

  • How to eat healthy and work outTrust the process. Rome was not built overnight.
  • You didn’t gain weight in a day.
  • You will not see results in a day.
  • You will not learn in a day.
  • This is a constant, daily, commitment to Yourself.
  • Forget the thought about getting shredded. Not everyone wants to look like me.

However, ANYONE who wants to see some change HAS to commit to yourself. Commit to eating healthy and working out.

Commit to NO more yo-yo. As you can see I fell back into the yo-yo trap.

If I didn’t get on that scale, I would not have known how much I ate. How much I had given up. How much progress I was losing.

So the scale is just education, don’t think of it as THE thing. It just teaches you what’s working and what’s not working.

At the end of the day. EAT YOUR WAY TO FIT NUTRITION AND WORKOUT PROGRAM teaches you, motivates you to Stay On a healthy track with your MIND and Body.


Right way to Eat healthy and work out

I am always looking forward to the next day to see the members in my Facebook group for a workout. More than 6 months at home is hard on anyone. I share with you about my day. 

A friendly reminder of how to eat healthy and work out

Healthy DietThere’s no wrong way of working out. There is only the wrong way to eat.

There’s a YouTube workout sheet in the guide. The same sheet is in the files in my Eat Your Way to Fit Facebook group. 

I suggest lifting some weights or using bands or even water bottles. Get creative. Hold anything for added resistance to the working muscle. When we age, we lose muscle tissue. It’s suggested to do something 3-4 days a week.

My YouTube workouts range from beginner to advance, with bands, weights, or nothing at all. There’s something for everyone and if you don’t like my list, I encourage you to search for what you like. When you find something you love, it’s easier to stick to it so just don’t stop.

You can also join my workouts through my Facebook group, on my personal page, or my business page. I have put them into a sheet.

Another alternative is joining my 30-day challenge. This was created a couple of months ago after I decided to create something that will work for anyone who follows me. However, this only works if you commit yourself to work out too. I created it publicly to get people moving for at least 5-10 min a day.

My idea was to have something for someone so if there are super busy people with no time to work out. Then they could decide to do this challenge.

You can pick anything that is best for you. They all work if followed consistently 3-5 days a week. As long as your heart rate is up. It is working.

In following the food list and exercising, you will see results

  1. Weights, bands, etc builds muscle and tones.
  2. Food helps to lose fat.
  3. Carbs are for energy to lift weights and not be moody.
  4. Protein is for keeping your muscles tone and building.
  5. Don’t forget to calculate your calories and follow instructions on how to set your nutrition goals in the guide.

In the beginning, weight tends to come off fast IF following the food plan but sometimes you may find yourself stuck and wonder why.

This inability to lose weight is known as a weight loss plateau or stall, and it can be frustrating and discouraging.

It’s important to put your numbers into the app where carbs are 45%, protein is 40% and fat is 15%. These are really good percentages of that food group to see results and if you are only focusing on calories and ignoring these other numbers. Well, then you may be eating a lot of Carbs for your Body. This answers the question, why you aren’t losing weight despite your workouts.

Eating 1500 calories but overeating on carbs might be why. When you lose a big number of pounds like 20 that your body will require LESS of something to keep going lower. It is crucial to eat healthy and work out.

For example, when I hit 130 pounds even today that is what I am but I want to be at 126, for me to keep going, I have to:

  1. Lower my carb intake, and up my protein 
  2. Add more Cardio. If I have sushi, soy sauce (sodium), and a large piece of steak. So that big meal plus sodium = water weight and higher figures on the scale. 

The huge meal with sodium affects the outcome of cardio, even if I double it up. So when you get to a low weight like under 150, your body needs to be shocked because it is USED to what you have been doing.

Other examples to add more cardio OR to lower carbs, OR to lower Sodium if you eat processed food. You need to change something.

Our body talks inside of us. I know that sounds funny. The reality is that when you eat something or do something the body is used to, it expects it and that changes nothing. This is why workouts need to change every 90 days and why the diet needs to change every 90 days.  

My husband and I have been eating chicken every day for the last 6 months. Now we are switching to ground Turkey. Simple changes need to be made.

Breakfast suggestions on how to eat healthy and work out

  • Pile on the Protein
  • Protein for breakfast is key.
  • It supplies the body with the essential amino acids it needs to build and repair muscle tissue.

In regards to weight loss, protein is the most satiating macro-nutrient, which helps keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Consuming a high protein diet helps protect against unwanted muscle breakdown during dieting. This helps keep your metabolic rate higher, allowing you to diet on a higher amount of calories while still losing weight. This is why I started this meal plan. I eat.

Research shows that high-protein breakfasts help set you up for success the rest of the day.

Some of my favorite high-protein breakfasts include:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Veggie omelet ( spinach or broccoli )
  • Overnight almond milk oats w/ 1/2 banana
  • Protein smoothie

These can be found in the recipe guide.

What do you like for breakfast? What are you doing to eat healthy and work out?

PS: A few of you asked about my sports bra. Here’s the link. You can see that I wear it differently not like it’s intended on the model.

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