Lose weight and keep it off

Lose weight and keep it off

I first learned about beachbody June of 2016. I thought there’s no way it would work, I’ve done enough “diets” in my life that I know what my problem is.

I thought it was too expensive and I bought Vega protein from Trader Joe’s & crested my own beachbody program.

I found videos on YouTube. I did Jillian Michaels when it was free ( she removed them) and Hannah trainer ( monster workout)

Eventually I lost some weight & stopped. I stopped drinking the protein ( 2 yrs later, I still have the half empty bottle). I drank wine & ate bad on weekends. I yo yo-ed. I was not where I wanted to be. The free workouts never changed & got super boring.

I saw Chalene Johnson speak & thought hmmmm maybe I try that beachbody thing. What else do I have to lose? Worst case scenario. I’ll return it & get my money back.

My husband was sooo not on board but he loves me. 10 months later. I cannot believe how incredible this opportunity was & how it changed my life & gave me my life & body back! I love my kids but pregnancy for me was hard to enjoy. I’m not just happy with my body. My relationship with food has improved & my relationship with J got stronger. We are more connected in 10 years that people who see us in person can’t believe how long we’ve been married. It all started with food.

I’m not saying anyone should look like me. I’m just saying you can look like YOU again like you did on that first date before you had kids. Do you want that? Go ahead and check out my Fit Camp

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