How I started my journey to getting fit at 40 years old.

How I started my journey to getting fit at 40 years old.

In the not such a happy time in my life, June 2016, I stumbled upon Beachbody for the first time. Skepticism clouded my thoughts - another fitness program promising miracles? I'd been down that road before, tried countless "diets," and knew my struggles intimately. Besides, the cost seemed steep. Instead, I opted for a DIY approach, grabbing some inexpensive protein from Trader Joe's and crafted my own version of a Beachbody regimen.

Scouring YouTube, I found Jillian Michaels' sessions before they vanished from the platform and tackled Hannah Trainer's monster workouts. Initially, I saw progress, shedding some weight. But alas, my momentum fizzled out. The protein powder collected dust, untouched for two years, as I succumbed to weekend indulgences of wine and unhealthy fare. My journey resembled a yo-yo, with highs and lows, but never reaching my desired destination. The free workouts grew stale, lacking the spark to reignite my enthusiasm.

Then, fate intervened. I attended a talk by Chalene Johnson, and her words resonated deeply. Perhaps, it was time to give Beachbody a proper chance. What did I have to lose? If all else failed, I could return it and recoup my investment. Despite my husband's skepticism, he supported my decision, driven by love.

Ten months later, I stood astounded by the transformative power of Beachbody. It wasn't just about physical changes; it was a revelation that reshaped my entire life. I regained control over my body and found newfound joy in motherhood, a journey once marred by struggles. My relationship with food underwent a profound shift, and my bond with my husband, deepened beyond measure. Our connection, now stronger than ever, defied the expectations of those who witnessed our journey. It all traced back to nourishment - not just of the body but of the soul.

My story isn't about striving for a particular physique. It's about reclaiming your essence, rediscovering the version of yourself that existed before life's demands took their toll. Do you crave that sense of liberation? Then join me and embark on a journey to rediscover the best version of yourself.

I now have a YouTube channel of my own where i post my earlier workouts that you can start.   You can look at my videos from 2016 and start the journey with e just like I started.  If you are not ready to invest into supplements, don't. There is no rush to buy anything.  There is no one way to start.  There's just you and how you feel and what you do with the tools that i am giving you. For more help, i created you a start step by step plan here.

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