How to get your belly back after a c-section or two!

How to get your belly back after a c-section or two!

Prepping for the next few day’s. Chicken again. I know it sounds boring sometimes but I just don’t know how to cook. I learned what’s easy for me & my family & I’m not suggesting to eat like me but I am suggesting to find a way to eat real food and make it easy for you.

The only way to lose 1 pound is by eating 500 calories less than you normally eat per day for 7 days assuming you do normal activity.

If you workout then use this calculator where you will tell the calculator how much activity you do. If you don’t see the scale budge then you either over ate OR did not workout enough according to the math. Then simply go back to the calculator & change your activity level for the following week.

This calculator is also included in your guide. This link shares a lot of helpful information to educate you further.

And there’s another simple calorie counter in the files in the group that I found online.

How to reduce 500 calories and not be hungry is by removing high caloric foods that have high sugar & processed foods. Here’s an example:

1 slice of cheese is 110 calories.

4 oz of chicken is between 97-123 ( depending on brand).

4 oz of ground beef is 220

This is just an example. So I do eat a lot of chicken because I want to eat a lot of food. I love to eat. Prior to my current way of eating, I did eat cheese & I was hungry. I ate ground beef & 4oz looked so small that I ate 6 or more. I never measured.

There may be day’s where it feels boring but you can play with so many sauces to make it fun.

When I wasn’t losing weight, I was asking Why & didn’t understand.

The human body is built by us. What you put in it is what comes out. No pun intended.

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