How long did it take you to get your Abs?

How long did it take you to get your Abs?

How long did it take you to get fit?

It’s really hard to give you an exact answer because I have been trying since I was 20 but it never happened until 42. So, I always give kind of vague answer because I just can’t respond to someone with a blog post, social media doesn’t even allow for the number of characters.

I started to do this thing the correct way on my 40th birthday and I saw my abs in 6 months and I was hooked.

My biggest desire to get fit was my stomach. I did not like the donut around my waist. I’ve had the donut since I was a kid and it just grew with me and then I had two c-sections.

Now that I have been following Eat Your Way to Fit for two years, I can honestly say that my abs are my favorite body part.

I don’t want to gross you out but truth be told I have a genetic kidney disease called PKD. So, if we were to compare kidneys, as you can see eventually my kidneys can enlarge as large as a football.

I was diagnosed when I was 10 but my mom thought it was best to keep it a secret. On my 40th birthday that was another truth I had share because let’s be honest, we cannot hide from our truth. I grew up with a very unhealthy diet and I have always wanted a flat stomach. I finally had this realization that now is the time. The older we get, the more comfortable and stubborn we get. This Kidney Disease was my reason NOT my excuse.

Find your reason and never stop.

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