Featured in Oxygen Magazine

Featured in Oxygen Magazine

Fighting Genetics. Karina Rabin was never athletic and growing up was overweight, but after her 40th birthday, she decided to change. “I have genetic kidney and liver disease, and I watched my mother and two brothers pass away from this condition,” she says. “I wanted to live longer and get healthy for my family.” She also desperately wanted to avoid dialysis, so she started to work out.

Physique: Found. At first, Rabin focused on cardio. She lost a little weight but wasn’t really satisfied — until she began resistance training. “Lifting weights helped me create a completely different body,” Rabin says. “Now I see [in the mirror] what I had been wanting to see for the last 25 years.” Her favorite physical feature is her abs, which she’s managed to keep rock hard despite two cesarean sections.

Livin’ Live. Rabin became a certified trainer and started a community of women on Facebook who share the same goals. “Seven days a week, the Eat Your Way to Fit group meets and works out live with me,” she says. “My dream is to offer more live classes so women can join any time of day, based on their availability.”

Family First. Outside the gym, Rabin is dedicated to her family and cites her husband as her biggest ally. “I have been married to my blind date for nearly 13 years,” she says. “We meal-prep together, joined a gym together and have two young boys together. My husband has supported me the most throughout this journey.”  Here's the link

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