All Supplements I take

All Supplements I take

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Below is a list of supplements I take.  I take a break whenever I feel like I should take a break.  I don't have a schedule, I strictly focus on HOW I feel about MYSELF.  I put my schedule how I do it, based on my body and my feeling and my goals.  Please ask any questions and you can customize this list based on how YOU feel and how the goals you want to reach.  What works for some may not work for others.  We all lived different lifestyle and its important to think about YOURSELF more than thinking what I am taking.  Blue underlined are links.

Morning drink

I start with the fat burner drink because starting with water is best and this is like my water drink and then i do fasted cardio at 4:30 am before my kids wake up. I sleep in this waist trainer i made.

6:30 am I drink protein coffee that I make with Phormula and Collagen.

7 am - I eat Protein Overnight Oats while I take care of my kids.


3oz water, 45 grams of gluten free quick cooking oats, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter + 1 scoop of protein

I use this level protein for baking donuts, cookies, pancakes etc.  I su protein powder for flour.

9 am i lift weights on my youtube channel and i now post gym workouts and coaching in my NEW app, 7 days free. I wear this waist trainer to lift weights.

11am - Protein Shake snack or i eat chicken

1pm - lunch I have chicken, veggies, rice

3:30 pm I have a shake with these greens because I never eat enough veggies and we need to eat 30 veggies per week that are different. I add greens and reds into my shake that way it taste better plus peanut butter and fruit. 

5 pm - Dinner and my last meal which is fish, rice / sweet potato or rice cake and veggies

7pm - I do cardio just to walk off some of the added calories I ate.  when i started i did NOT do this much cardio. It is MUCH easier to lose weight than to maintain weight. So, please try not to copy me and do what makes you happy and what you CAN do. Something is better then nothing.

When i started i drank fat burning drink twice a day.

When i am stressed i take this to cortisol to sleep.

I take hormone supplements for mood and energy. I take pre-workout before i workout.  I drink EAA's in my water when i workout. I take CLA before summer to burn more fat.  

for any questions leave me a comment or email

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