Why I use 3 ” Waist Trainers”

Why I use 3 ” Waist Trainers”

Each of these trainers do different things.  If you are only considering one to try here’s what they do. Each one is designed for a purpose and it is best to choose one based on your lifestyle so you will be able to get the most value out of it.

Sweat Belt – This belt is exactly what it’s called, it is designed to help you Sweat more during any activity when they heart rate is elevated.   It’s a waterproof belt that retains your body heat and perspiration when you work out while wearing it. As you exercise, heat and sweat build up inside the belt. According to a 2018 study, exercising in with a sweat belt increases physiological strain and induces larger sweat losses.  I use this belt with the sweat stick every time I perform cardio on a treadmill, outside, stair-master or do cardio on the floor LIVE on YouTube.

Pink Waist Trainer – I use the Pink Waist Trainer during weight lifting workouts. It reduces stress on the lower back while I lift weights in an upright position, and it prevents back hyperextension during overhead lifts. The belt zips for comfort and has an added velcro wrap that allows me to make it tighter for extra support. asking the belt tighter on my waist helps me lift more weight while keeping my core tight which helps keep my waist smaller.  In addition, this belt is so easy to put on and take off that I wear it during the day for extra work on my waist.  This trainer is great to wear for working out OR just wearing it during the day.  This trainer is 11 inches long and covers all my torso down to the hips. It’s designed like a corset.  I wear sizer M so it is NOT tight and I can breathe and be in it comfortably.  Due having kidney disease I cannot wear anything tight like a common waist trainer that is why I have this one so its NOT your typical waist trainer. Please be sure to measure your waist before purchase to pick the correct size.

Body Shaper – My body shaper is the number one seller.  I sleep in this shaper every single night and occasionally I will wear out under a dress for date night or whenever else I feel like. This Body Shaper is simply shape wear that is designed with a little more compression to help in the belly area.  It is designed to smooth, lift and tone. It is very soft on the body but tight like pair of leggings.  This Shaper is NOT your typical waist trainer but I use to train my waist,.

Please keep in my mind that which ever product you choose, you will try it on and choose to wear it how you want to wear it. Results vary on each individual and a healthy nutrition plan with exercise is still recommended.  There are no clinical or scientific studies made on these products and they are simply part of my daily life and I am sharing how I use each one.   I hope you love them as much as I do.

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