8-Week Challenge

8-Week Challenge

My 8-Week Intense Weight Loss Challenge – your ultimate path to a successful and transformative future! This program is specially crafted to empower you with the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goals and build a strong foundation for a healthier lifestyle.

With three waist trainers and workout bands, you'll experience targeted compression for a sculpted waist, enhancing the effectiveness of your workouts. Your custom meal plan, complete with a grocery list, will evolve over the weeks, ensuring you stay on track and nourish your body with the right fuel.

As part of this journey, you'll join me on Zoom coaching calls, where I will provide invaluable guidance and support, helping you conquer mindset barriers and cultivate a positive mental approach to your weight loss success.

But that's not all! I'll be by your side every step of the way with personalized weekly text messages to prep you for each week's challenges and celebrations.  You can text me anytime or we can schedule a phone call for more support.

Are you ready to take on this intense, life-changing weight loss challenge? This is EXACTLY what I recently did in order to win the bikini competition. Now, I'm not saying you will be bikini ready in 8-weeks but you will see progress and you will be able to continue with your new lifestyle after the 8-weeks.

Embrace the journey, transform your body, and set yourself up for a future filled with success and confidence! Let's start this empowering journey together!

This Starts 9/5.  Total price is $699.00 which includes 7 physical products including shipping. 

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