It’s not everyday I caulk my bathroom & when I do, I never get to finish the tube & I find it dried out the next time I need it.

I’m a home owner & not a contractor so I’ve heard of all the tricks & tips of how to save it for future use. 

The best was from Joe Truini, “

So here’s an idea that works really well. After you cut it open and use some of it, plug up the nozzle with either a long steel rod, a screw, a long screw, or even just a nail. 16-penny nail, slide it in there, and then, tape the end of it with some duct tape.” 

I’m sorry, but just the sound of that sounds like I’m going to stab myself in the eye when I go back to remove this “ penny nail” which I don’t even know what that is. ??‍♀️

We’ve just always thrown them out & they’re pricy to replace especially when you’re not going to finish it yet again. I’ve been a home owner for 8 years and have kids & so caulking the tub is pretty common in our house.

When I met Scott last year at the Hardware show & got introduced to TubeAnew, Jared & I both knew this will be a hit.  It’s the perfect cap for homeowners who may never finish caulking from one use or perfect for a contractor who needs to re-use it at another job.

You just cut the dried cap & put a new fresh TubeAnew cap & voila, just like a new fresh one.  The best part is that it comes with 5 caps so you can re-use & re-use until it’s empty.

I wanted to applaud his invention & I look forward to his success.  I just finished his pitch & working on his packaging & marketing plan next. Watch out for TubeAnew in 2020 when it makes a splash.


Innovative Cap fixes Dried Caulking problem

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It’s not everyday I caulk my bathroom & when I do, I never get to […]

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