Protect your children from falling frames

I may not be an expert or a contractor or a handywoman but I can tell you what hardware is best to use for your walls. I have read many blog posts and have heard lots of people saying they don’t want to put holes in the walls and I understand that. Hanging things on the wall is a frustrating task. If you put holes in the walls what if they’re not straight and you have to put more, that alone is frustrating.

Well when my son was born, we had printed his 3-month picture on a metal frame and when the frame came, it included 3M command strips. The frame wasn’t that heavy and we figured that this company that sold us the frame must know what they’re doing including these strips. We used them. First we used a Hang-O-Matic to mark the wall straight since we still need a starting point. The wall was narrow and we used the Hang-O-Matic’s tape measure to find the center and leveled it on the wall and marked the 2 anchor points. It was easy and no damage to the wall and the frame stuck on there really well. It also came with a wire and an anchor with a nail and we used that too for the center so it was extra sturdy.

In summary: We hung the metal frame with two 3M-command strips and an anchor with a little nail attached. Just like you, we thought it was safe until 2 years later, I walk into my son’s room in the morning to get him out of bed and I find this metal frame on the floor. I was relieved and lucky that it happened over night and didn’t fall on my son’s head. So with that in mind, DO NOT use command strips to hang anything like a frame or shelf or something that could hurt a small child walking under it.


It’s always best to drill into your wall and use a nail or picture hanging anchors that are available in retail stores and keep your little ones safe.


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