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Perfect if you need Accountability + support

Meno-Waist with Zoom

Meno-Waist with Zoom

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If you're fed up with wasting time and effort searching for the ideal weight loss regimen, here is my NEW 4-week fat loss plan for hormonal women. 

  • Fully customized plan made for you
  • Pre-planned meal plan ready for you to try with a checklist
  • Recipes, groceries, and nutrition that get results
  • Easy to follow home workouts or do them at the gym ( dumbbells are a plus), plus a tracker to see your progress
  • Sleep, Waist Trainer
  • Zoom Sundays 5 pm
  • Join our Facebook group here 

This comprehensive program is made to support your fitness and health by guiding you through an incredible 4-week transformation toward achieving a leaner and healthier physique.

The 4-week fat loss program is packed with invaluable information to guide you with essential tools covering nutrition, hormones, calorie plans, workouts, and much more.

What's included:

    • Meal Plan with portions
    • 4 Week Calorie Planner
    • 4 Weeks - Workouts
    • 4 Weeks Zoom sessions 7 pm eastern  (Sunday)
    • Quick Recipes
    • Accountability + Support
    • Private group Facebook
    • Waist trainer


How to measure yourself:

WAIST It is measured on the navel or slightly above How to measure waist for faja
HIPS Measured by the widest part. Remember that the legs must be together. If you have pants on, lower them to your knees. How to measure waist for faja
BUST The contour is measured just below your breasts and around your back. It can be done with the bra on. How to measure waist for faja
HEIGHT Measured with a straight back, feet together and head aligned. It is recommended that another person take this measure for you. How to measure waist for faja
WEIGHT It is recommended that you weigh yourself in the morning on an empty stomach. When using the scale, take off shoes, clothes and anything that carries weight.
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