Body Shaper

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★ Runs small, order 1 size larger for best fit. For example if you wear a size 10, size up to XL. However, it’s best to use a tape measure and measure the widest part of your nude belly to find your best fit.  For example, waist 33 inches size up to XL. It’s best NOT to compare regular clothes size to shaper size.

★ Not refundable due to it being an undergarment

Provide’s firm control and shaping

★ Best to wear for 4+ hours OR overnight

★ Best NOT to workout in it

★ Controls entire tummy and back can be used as a post-surgery garment. Don’t expect thighs to be tight. They don’t do anything.
★ Adjustable straps

★ Has an opening for bathroom

★ Wear with your own bra to create the shape you desire
★ Ultra-flat front zipper closure
★ Wide, supportive band to wear strapless
★ Special design to define the waistline
★ Designed to lift the rear
★ Hits at upper-thigh with lace trim
★ Hand Wash / Hang Dry
★ Imported

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not Iron
  • Do not Wring

★For best size, use tape measure around your waist at belly button

Can be worn day or night.  Sometimes I wear it during the day OR sleep in it for “waist training” over night. It is not your typical waist trainer, I just use it like one. Please don’t expect it to be tight like main stream waist trainers. This should be comfortable not tight to move organs.

How to measure yourself:

WAISTIt is measured on the navel or slightly aboveHow to measure waist for faja
HIPSMeasured by the widest part. Remember that the legs must be together. If you have pants on, lower them to your knees.How to measure waist for faja
BUSTThe contour is measured just below your breasts and around your back. It can be done with the bra on.How to measure waist for faja
HEIGHTMeasured with a straight back, feet together and head aligned. It is recommended that another person take this measure for you.How to measure waist for faja
WEIGHTIt is recommended that you weigh yourself in the morning on an empty stomach. When using the scale, take off shoes, clothes and anything that carries weight.
Body Shaper

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