Overcoming Procrastination

One of the biggest barriers to any change is getting started. It’s very easy to procrastinate and say, “I’ll start tomorrow.” Before you know it, three or four months have gone by and you haven’t even started! There are many challenges that face such as kids, work, family etc but I can assure you that you can fight them and overcome these challenges. To conquer this barrier, you need to take the pressure off and not worry about being perfect. Just take the first step, no matter what happen in your life. I call these baby steps. If you’re a mom like me then you may recall that your baby crawled before they walked and then they too took baby steps. Do something small! That can be as small as taking a 15 min walk outside with your kids or do 15 jumping jacks in front of your TV. If you have a two-story house then you can walk up and down the stairs 5 times and the next day make it 10. Haven’t caught up with an old friend? Step outside and make a call while you go for a walk, or find a friend to exercise with.

Another small thing you can do is to start looking for resources in your community. Is there a community center that offers group exercise classes that you would like? Or you can find simple free-workouts on YouTube.
Are there parks close to your home or where you work that you could use to get some activity? Finding local resources that support your interests and help you to be more active and eat better is a great way to stay motivated and overcome procrastination.

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