What are the tips of how to eat clean and healthy?

The idea behind how to eat clean and healthy is to encourage you to consume more whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Eating whole foods will LIMIT highly processed snack foods, sweets, and other packaged foods

The healthiest foods are on the list in your guides, if you need it again please let me know or if you haven’t had access to one, you can do so by clicking here.

I get it that sometimes it is challenging to keep track. However, it’s really important to MEASURE. At some point, it’s normal to find yourself in a plateau which means, you won’t lose weight one week or two and we will have to figure out Why. 

💫 Let’s talk about portion control on how to eat clean and healthy ⭐️

Portion control can be one reason you are not losing weight. If you’re not using a scale then it’s very easy to eat more than one portion. 

Therefore, even if you are faced with an unhealthy meal, it would still help in the long run to weigh & measure. Eventually, you’ll learn what the size looks like & it’ll help eat healthy at restaurants.

How to eat clean and healthy
Made this chicken tonight for dinner & the rest of the week. It was the bottle, some water & 3 pounds of dark meat.

What to eat during parties and holidays

I understand sometimes during holidays the urge of having parties. However, there are only 5 days in a week and you can enjoy the party without Highly Processed foods such as Cookies, Cake, Chips, etc. This is the ULTIMATE challenge in how to eat clean and healthy, which will only empower you IF you don’t touch that food. Have more protein, have more veggies, have more fruit. But do your best to stay away from FAKE stuff made in a lab.

Losing Weight

Over the long term, it’s smart to aim for losing 1 to 2 pounds a week as part of your how to eat clean and healthy. Generally, to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, you need to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume each day. 

This is achievable through a lower calorie diet and regular physical activity. So if you lost 1 you’re okay, on the right path and you should do exactly what you did last week.

Hungry after eating?

If you’re hungry after you just ate, that could be because you didn’t eat nutritious foods. Let’s say you had a toast and immediately you’re hungry. In how to eat clean and healthy, it is crucial to continual watch what you eat.

Oatmeal keeps you full longer due to fiber. Don’t choose bread just because you can have 2 slices for 130 calories VS Oatmeal 1/2 cup is 190. 

It a healthier choice to have higher calorie oatmeal with 0 sodium, 5 grams of fiber vs. 120g of sodium toast and then be hungry an hour later & eat again. That’s how you can easily over-eat. Empty calories only drive us to eat more empty calories. Like a drug.

Snack Time

Below is a suggestion for what to have for a snack.

Cucumber, tomato, Oil, Apple Cider Vin, CUMIN YUM with ground chicken.

Helpful Tip

IF you may have eaten something that is not on the list which has extra sodium, the best solution is Water. I repeat, Water! Water! Water! To get rid of sodium is to drink an extra 8 oz of water.

Eat clean
Rolled oats, protein shake, 1 banana & having broccoli with ground turkey

Learning about your body

I have been on the scale every single day in the last week of August. The aim was to know what to share that worked & to learn about my body. 

I turned 42 this past June & have not changed my diet. I went off my diet in March & have not done cardio as I have in the past.

The previous week I just ate whatever and that’s how I gained 5.4 pounds in 7 days. Well, on the morning of August 27, just a week, I was down by 4.8. I did not expect such a high loss.

Lessons from my gaining and losing weight

First of all that shows you how much sodium I ate. No one gains 5 lbs of fat in a week that eats healthy 80% of the time. On the contrary, someone who doesn’t stop not eating healthy, it can continue to climb up. 

Secondly, this shows that anyone can lose weight. I only ate the foods that you see on my food list. The only thing I changed was a protein shake for breakfast with a banana. I just don’t have time to do a challenge for my challengers & cook for 3 people and get these kids dressed.

Therefore, I’m going to continue to have a share. I also added a 30 min cardio session every single day. I’m sure if I had just done 2 days that would have been enough to lose 3 lbs. I did not eat a single thing that is not on my list, not even a chip.

The only thing I couldn’t give up was Coffee Creamer. So my carbs were from fruit, vegetables, coffee creamer, protein shake, some pistachio, corn tortilla. These are 20g of carbs for 3.

So who’s joining me on a 5-day challenge next week to only eat foods from my list? Also, a daily workout even if you can wake up 10 minutes early to do something. I’ve woken up at 4:30 am every day this past week.

Share your experiences with me by commenting. Looking forward to hear from you!

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