How high should a picture be hung

Welcome to your new home!  It took hours and hours to unpack, easy.  It was a lot of heavy lifting moving furniture in but you had help of a family or a friend and got it done. Great!  What’s the next step?  Paint and hang your wall décor.

A house just isn’t a home until it’s decorated, and hanging pictures allows you to show off your artistic side. But how do you do it without ruining your walls? First thing I always do if I don’t know something is Google and here’s what I found.

▪   Hold the picture up on the wall near eye level. …

▪   Mark the wall at the center of the top of the frame with either a pencil or piece of painter’s tape (easily removed). …

On the back of the picture, measure the distance from the top of the frame to the mounting hook or center of the stretched wire.

I don’t know about you but personally I am already confused just reading the top sentence. Eye level? What if you’re 6’7 or what if you’re 4’11?  I’m sure you will agree that is very confusing.  Let’s keep it simple, grab a Hang-O-Matic, use the tape measure to measure 65 inches from the floor, mark your wall and hang it. It’s that simple.


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