Declutter Your House

Summer is only 60 days away and I can’t wait for the pool weather, how about you? I am so excited that I started to de-clutter my house. I had to get rid of old toys, or broken toys, clothes that I haven’t worn in 3 years that may even still have tags on. That’s terrible don’t tell my husband. Here’s a short list of what works for me:

1. Set clear goals
I chose one thing at a time. First it was my closet, then my kid’s room. Otherwise I’m all over the place if I don’t make it a mission to do one at a time.

2. Go over, under, and in
To really get a deep clean, focus on areas that are often overlooked, such as the top of the fridge, under the bed, and inside the coffee machine. And check the Expiration date on all your Cans in the pantry.

3. Cut out clutter
It happens to everyone — a stack of mail piled on the kitchen island

5. Find a routine
That works for you to stay organized. Now I will be the first to admit that’s tough for me too especially since my cleaning lady just quit but I’m actually glad she did because keeping the house clean and organized has helped me get better at it and now I enjoy it.

It has helped my husband and I reduce stress, improve our moods and even better manage my allergies. Plus my kids know where their toys go.

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