How changing mindset key in weightloss

I truly believe that changing mindset key in weightloss as a process part of changing your diet.  A lot of people eat for comfort and I used to be one of them.

One of the changes I realized I had to shift was my mind. Something was holding me back from moving forward and that was SELF DEVELOPMENT. A research done among different industry employees involved in manual work showed that changing midset key in weightloss. The employees that kept adding weight they believed that no matter what they did, they would still add weight. In the process, they cared the liest of what they ate.

If you haven’t fixed that thing from the past then you may have trouble moving forward.

I bought this book and I open it every morning to see a random quote because it makes me think and inspires me to have a positive mind. When the mind is not filled with so much stuff it’s easier to make better food choices and not eat bad foods that fill a void.

Tracking your food as part of changing your mindset

I’ve been looking at what you eat and High Five to those who track. You are awesome. I know that’s challenging but every single piece of research Proves over & over & over again that Tracking your food, IS the ONLY way you will lose weight. PERIOD! I cannot be louder.

If you want to lose weight you Track! Even if it’s half a day. You start somewhere. 

If you want to be healthy. You track. Even if it’s bad food. You track.

When you SEE with your eyes your numbers, I promise you that eventually, you’ll get better at eating. In doing this, you’ll be changing your mindset and your weight will drop super fast.

changing mindset key in weightloss

Choice of breakfast

Breakfast on the run. Did you know you could make a protein shake the night before & leave it in the fridge? It’s best to use frozen fruit for added flavor and drink it in the morning. So if you’re one to skip the most important meal of the day, this is the next best thing. Sitting in the fridge for 8-12 hours is fine. However, do not allow it to sit for over 24 hours.

Another way to make protein shakes is to use Greek yogurt.

Results of changing mindset key in weightloss

Wow, I got on the scale this morning.  I wear my shaper as you guys know & I felt good. This is possible because of the impact of changing mindset key in weightloss. While dressing this morning, I had an idea of what the scale would say. Uh, I shouldn’t have gotten on it but I also wanted to weigh in this Friday and the scale motivates me. Changing the mindset involves taking a scale to know if it is working.

 What if you lapse? 

So I’m 132.2. I’m usually 130 on Monday’s & 127/128 on Friday’s. I have been cheating more on the weekends lately and that needs to slow down. Recoginizing that you need to slow down on certain foods is important in changing mindset key in weightloss.

Again it’s OK. This is about Mindset & being Mindful of our choices. That’s the win!


I had a really good food & workout week this week. I focused on changing mindset key in weightloss. The results have been amazing.

I Walked around Target today and started to walk towards Red Vines & then remembered it’s Thursday & proud of myself for turning around & leaving!  That’s a win!

Had a tiny brownie this morning, oatmeal & a glass of wine plus a ton of Ranch dressing.

I always think of what did I have & what can I have that’s left. That’s why tracking is key so you can see it.

There’s still time to get in a quickie. Don’t forget there’s a workout sheet in files for a quick workout! Much love.

What steps are you taking in changing mindset key in weightloss? Join my Eat Your Way Fit Program.

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