I’m Karina Rabin, Your Guide to a fit and healthy lifestyle for women in their 40’s. I know you would agree that lack of energy; feeling bloated and not losing a single pound is very frustrating. You either don’t have the time to workout or you feel trapped on an endless treadmill that leaves you dripping wet but the scale doesn’t change. It’s so challenging that at some point you feel defeated and give up. You think, ‘’what’s the use?’’ Instead of creating healthy habits you increase drinking coffee or energy drinks and in the long run you do more damage to your own body.

Let me share a little about me. I was born with a genetic Kidney Disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD),  I had two c-sections and I’m married to my soulmate I met online and married in 8 months of meeting.

I have tried every diet from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig to even juicing and have always gained the weight back. Once I turned 40, I chose to learn how to eat, got certified in nutrition and changed my eating habits.  It was a learning curve but I stayed consistent and it got easier everyday. I now coach others to do the same.  It’s a lifestyle not a diet. I know you have a choice of many female Instagram famous models to work with but the one thing that sets me apart is that I have been over-weight and I am not here to sell you a PDF of 229 pages to read.


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